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Who we are

We are a leading med-tech group, designing, developing and providing globally a full range of diabetes medical devices for home & professional care, safety sharps, electro-medicals, wound care and beyond.

MTD was born in 2018 through the combination of two historically well-established and leading players in the healthcare industry: Pikdare and HTL-Strefa, with a combined experience of more than 80 years.

Pikdare, with its main brand PiC, is a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of pen needles, venipuncture, dressing products, blood pressure monitoring, nebulizers and thermometers. The state of the art production facility based in Italy allows Pikdare to leverage unique Italian design and manufacturing quality while offering local solutions tailored for international clients.

HTL (High Tech Lab) is a leading global designer, developer and provider of proprietary capillary blood sampling and drug delivery devices with core expertise in diabetes and safety sharps. Having invented the safety lancet product category (in medical terms) and boasting 2 high-technology production facilities in Poland, HTL is the global reference and preferred partner for diabetes and safety medical sharps.

Both MTD’s areas of excellence, diabetes and safety medical sharps and cross-category self care medical devices, leverage equally on PiC and HTL’s long standing heritage and expertise, supporting the leadership of the group, recognized worldwide.

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Our Strengths

  • Global market leader in safety lancets
  • Top 3 provider of home care lancing solutions worldwide
  • Top 3 provider of pen needles globally, with a broad innovative portfolio offered
  • Leader across key med-tech categories in Italian pharmacies with an average market share of about 30% (84% brand awareness)
  • Among top 3 pen needles brands chosen by patients in selected markets of North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa
  • Best-in-class R&D capabilities coupled with highly automated and vertically integrated manufacturing facilities located in Europe
  • Low levels of patients complaints combined with full compliance to regulations show our commitment to excel in quality because we understand how quality of our products is important for patients
  • We are a proven, reliable and trusted partner of many blue-chip healthcare corporates across diagnostic, diabetes, pharma, med-tech that have trusted and relied on us for more than a decade

Our Purpose

Enhancing the future of healthcare, shaping a world, in a close future, where healthcare is approachable, safe, easy and for all. We are proud to provide a meaningful contribution to this mission, offering to consumers and healthcare professionals, a range of solutions aimed at easing every-day healthcare activities in diabetes and other medical conditions. More specifically we aim at improving safety, quality and comfort of use for our products while lowering the cost of healthcare solutions globally.

Our Values

Innovation & Quality:

Constant improvement of quality, innovation and new technologies are at the heart of our heritage with HTL and Pikdare continuously investing in research to offer state-of-the-art solutions.

Lifelong learning:

The understanding of different local needs, thanks to our global presence, successful innovations over the years, continuous fine-tunings on existing products, as well as the many lessons learned in the process, build our unique know-how which is our main asset and which is strengthened by the desire to continue to do and to learn.


Our engine is constantly fueled by the passion for excellence and the strive for improvement of our talented people, steadily engaged in a creative and innovative work process.


We meet or exceed the expectations – respecting every day the pledge of quality, safety, innovation and integrity with customers, markets, as well as any other partner / stakeholder.


Environmental, social and governance matters are deeply embedded in our corporate culture with sustainability representing a key element in our business model and ethical management being at the core of every corporate decision.




Cutting-edge devices, designed to enhance healthcare professional's and people's comfort and safety of treatments.



State-of-the-art solutions, created to simplify people’s daily life.

  • Wound-care (home & professional)
  • Thermometers
  • Nebulizers
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • Thermal bandage
  • Test Autodiagnostic
  • Food Supplements
  • Others



Countries of direct commercial presence

Countries of commercial reach


Commercial and Distribution offices

We are operating in more than 100 countries globally with more than 2.000 employees and headquartered in Lugano (Switzerland). Offices are located in Italy, Poland, USA, Canada and France, with further direct commercial presence in China, Middle East, Spain, Portugal and Brazil. Our three key production plants are in Italy and Poland.


We focus on innovation and quality with our R&D Centre and vertically integrated manufacturing facilities located in Europe, always centered on innovation to deliver solutions for unmet needs.

We have a proven and successful innovation track record:

  • Medical sharps are embedded in the heritage of both companies:
    • Pic was pioneering in Italy with syringes and cannulas since 60s/70s and in the 80s it successfully designed and launched the single-use, "no pain" syringe.
    • HTL was founded to deliver the worldís first safety lancet in 1994.
  • Throughout the years R&D in both Pikdare and HTL, continued to deliver innovations (e.g., new thinner safety pen needle in 2014) and breakthrough products (e.g., the advanced wound-care for personal use Myskin in 2011, new thinner personal lancet 33G in 2014, a digital mobile platform to manage different personal devices, such as BPM, BGM, thermometer and weight scale, through a dedicated smarthphone app, back in 2017).
  • Our IP portfolio is growing with ca. 40 existing patent families, ca. 40 industrial designs and more upcoming patents.
  • A number of blue-chip healthcare corporates jointly co-developed new products with us over time, or decided to in-source our innovations and strengthen their brands leveraging ideas or concepts designed by us.

Our efforts resulted in recent breakthrough innovations within both Diabetes & Safety Sharps and Cross-category self-care devices:

  • Within Diabetes & Safety Sharps our innovation efforts focused on bringing to the market new thinner pen needles (34G), new thinner safety pen needles (31G) as well as various lengths across the thin pen needle versions.
  • Within Cross-category self-care medical devices our innovation efforts focused on bringing new breakthrough selfcare medical devices engineered based on an exclusive Design Language System.

Our rich innovation pipeline provides us with a unique positioning for the future:

  • Long-lasting history of collaboration and partnerships with leading pharma corporates as well as innovative start-ups and creative talented professionals
  • Ability to jointly develop with current and new partners innovative medical devices solutions by leveraging our capabilities and experiences

This unique mix of distinctive factors allows us to further improve safety, comfort and quality of treatment for healthcare professionals and patients worldwide.

Management Team

Micol Fornaroli

Group Chief Executive Officer

Arrigo Bendi

Group Corporate Affairs
and Group HR

Anselmo Palumbo

Group Chief Financial Officer

Marcin Sieczek

Group Chief Commercial
and Strategy Officer

Alberto Munzone

Head of Manufacturing Technologies

Luigi Binelli

Head of Supply Chain

Carlo Romeo

Group Chief Marketing Officer

Carl Ward

General Manager USA and Canada

Michela Porta

Group Head of Communication
and CSR


Our Principles

Environmental, social and governance matters are deeply embedded in MTD's corporate culture with sustainability representing a key element in its business model and ethical management being at the core of every corporate decision.

MTD embodies the values and spirit of a company that dares to stand at the centre of health and well-being markets through human and technological progress, addressing the challenges that affect our industry, our society and the whole planet, always trying to create value for all.

Micol Fornaroli

Group CEO

MTD Medical Technology and Devices S.A. via Nassa, 5 – 6900 Lugano – Ch

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